K-Beauty Secret (InCellderm)

Koreans produce a lot of cool things: K-pop (BTS), Academy Award Winning Movies (Parasite), Korean Barbecue, and most relevant to this post K-Beauty products. Koreans are the leaders in plastic surgery and cosmetics. Koreans know how to take care of their skin using science backed methods. I am constantly being complimented on my skin and asked what products I use. I honestly wasn’t born with great skin. After having 4 babies in 8 years of marriage, my body went through a hormonal roller coaster and prolonged sleep deprivation. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I had dark spots, acne flare up, deep wrinkles, and my cheeks started sagging. I stopped taking selfies. I looked at friends on facebook, and they were glowing. I was depressed. I tried many things with inconsistent results, then, I was introduced to this new K-beauty line of products called InCellderm. It’s been truly life changing. I am so excited to share InCellderm with all of you.

InCellderm uses nano-liposome technology that encapsulates the active ingredients allowing deep penetration into the dermis level of the skin. Translation: it really saturates your skin with moisture and boosts cell regeneration from deep down.

As soon as I started using InCellderm, I could feel the firming and tightening from underneath and my face radiated a healthy glow all day. Additionally, InCellderm ingredients are super safe. It is FDA registered and EWG green rated. InCellderm is the fastest growing brand in Korea.

I saw many of my friends who are living in Korea post incredible photos of themselves on facebook. I was so jealous. Were they photoshopping themselves? Were they getting botox treatments? What were they doing? I had heard of InCellderm, and asked my bestie, Anna, if she had any experience. She had been using it for 6 months! I soon discovered, literally everyone I know in Korea uses InCellderm! The product is amazing! You can try InCellderm yourself and thank me later!

I recommend starting with the basic set of Cleanup Powder, Oil Mist, Calming gel, Booster, Serum, Active cream and the Aqua Sun gel (for AM). They have really nice BB cream and cushion foundation too. Because of the nano-capsules, you have to be super gentle when you apply InCellderm. You don’t want to break the capsules by rubbing or patting roughly. Gently spread out and let it sit until absorbed. I shared my regimen in more detail here.

I started seeing results right away, so be sure to take pictures before you start so you can compare later!

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