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KEEP CALM and Sanitize.

I’m a mom of 4. I’m constantly on the run, making sure no one starves and no one gets dressed by dad. I often lower my expectations on many of these things. I’ve fed my kids instant ramen. I’ve let my kids go all day in pajamas. But, one thing I never compromise is protecting them from GERMS. In this pandemic, sanitizing is a must.

My go to sanitizer is hypochlorous acid from Force of Nature. From hands to shoes, bags, books, groceries, fruits, veggies, door knobs etc., this one stop spray bottle can sanitize 100% of germs, and it’s 100% non-toxic. Unlike the President’s recommendation on drinking bleach, you CAN drink hypochlorous acid. I’ve been using Force of Nature for the last 3 years. I’ve gifted it to all my relatives. Whenever guests come over, they want to know what it is. Force of Nature uses electricity to create hypochlorous acid from 3 simple ingredients: Water, Salt, and Vinegar. The technology to make electrolyzed water has been around for decades in the industrial space, where it’s used in green cleaners, wound, eye and veterinary care products. I will hold back my urge to go into details about the chemistry (it was my major). But with the help of electricity, these 3 simple ingredients create a powerful sanitizer more effective than the bleach with none of the toxicity.

As the kids come home, I spray down their hands, shoes, bags, and clothes. Another awesome thing about Force of Nature is that it dries up without any residue or film. So I go around the house spraying down all surfaces without having to wipe dry as it turns back into water as the solution dissipates the hypochlorous acid in gas form. This saves me time and gives me relief, because my 10 month old baby (who might be part goat or dog) literally puts everything in her mouth including the floor. With one capsule, the solution is made in 2 minutes. The starter kit is a bit of an investment, but over time it saves you money, and it’s safe for humans and the planet. And, when there is panic buying for sanitizer and cleaning products again, you will never run out.

You can buy the starter kit here and get 20% off by signing up.

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