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Backyard Chicken Coop

Meet Chickie and WAM (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).

Three months ago, my friend, Cam, from the Buckhead Goat Farm, gave my kids 5 chicken eggs. Excitedly, my kids asked if we could incubate them. We did and 21 days later, we added two new members to our brood, Chickie and WAM. Initially, we had them sleep, eat, and play in a plastic storage container. We added bedding, water and feed dispenser, and a heating lamp.

My husband, David, has a phobia of birds. When he was 3, he had the bad luck of watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” He sees a pigeon on the sidewalk, he walks to the other side of the street. When he heard the chicks chirping inside their eggs before their birth, he thought an Alien was being birthed.

Raising the chickens inside our home was not an option. David made an ultimatum, it’s either the chickens or him. It was a hard choice for me. However, for my kids less so.

Chickie and WAM would have to go outside. I needed a coop. Meet the Eglu Chicken Coop. A pre-fab ready to assemble perfect home for the two newest members of our family.

In addition to our daily supply of fresh eggs, this has been a great learning experience for our kids. They learned about the birds and the bees and witnessed something other than one of their siblings being born (my last 2 were home birthed, more on this another time). Our chicks saw our son Henry first after hatching and imprinted with him. Henry learned to become a “mommy hen.” As the chickens have gotten older, the kids have witnessed their maturation and learned more about the circle of life. We feed the excess worms and maggots from our compost bin to the chickens. We have seen how predators like hawks and opossums circle the coop at night trying to hunt them. And, hopefully, one day my husband will even grow out of his phobia.

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