Beautiful Lashes = LASHIFY

It’s an awesome feeling to wake up with glowing skin and lush lashes. I even get a little side eye from my husband, David, till the force of his morning breath hits.

Thanks to InCellderm and Lashify, my beauty game has been revolutionized. I do my own lashes once a week and employ a 5 minute K-beauty skincare regimen. Despite the DIY process, all this saves time, because it reduces or even eliminates the need to put on makeup. The confidence and the mood boost I’ve received from my new products: priceless. (I’ve seen some of the recent celebrity no-makeup selfies, and we all know makeup makes a difference. InCellderm and Lashify can get you most of the way there without it!)

Lashify offers a system that you do at home quickly (5-10 mins for experienced and 20-30 mins for newbies), and they look as good as extensions. They are cluster lashes that attach under your real lashes slightly above your water line. They have a variety of styles and lengths to choose from so you can customize your own lash map. The one downside is that there is a learning curve that some find hard to overcome. Lashify has a great community of support. It took me one month to master my application skills and get the longevity I needed. My life is complete with Lashify and Incellderm.

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