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MJ, Where do you live now?

My friends ask me once in a while. We moved 7 times in our 8 years of marriage for various reasons; whole house renovation, needed a bigger home, noisy neighbor, needed even bigger home with a back yard (after my 4th pregnancy and COVID-19) and also a husband who loves moving and who can always find some major flaw in the current house and brainwashing me about it. (yes you guessed it, he spends his free time browsing on Zillow). Although it was a lot of work packing and unpacking and making sure no kid gets left behind, one thing I enjoyed about the process is decorating each new home. I almost feel like a semi-interior designer (not quite a Joanna Gaines). It was a lot of fun decorating this house we moved into about 5 months ago. A good design is very personal. It defines who you are and thus you should feel absolutely comfortable and in harmony. And that’s exactly how I feel walking into my kitchen, our family room and the master bedroom (still working on the other rooms). So I decided to share those rooms and reveal the sources of all the items in case some of you might be curious.

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