Best and Worst Toys (Age 3-8)

I am picky when it comes to toys. With 4 kids of varying ages and genders, I have bought and received many different toys. Over the years I have developed a keen sense of “good” toys and “bad” toys. “Good” toys are the ones my kids spend hours playing with independently promoting creativity, fine-motor skills, and learning. Additionally, “good” toys minimize potential disasters and mess!

I have general rules when it comes to toys to avoid:

  1. Avoid toys that don’t capture your child’s interest. I’ve had so many fad toys ending up getting shoved away in a random toy bin or under the sofa. If you’ve watched Toy Story, you know it’s tragic when toys are not played with (RIP: Shopkins, Hatchimals, LOL)
  2. Avoid messy toys that are beyond your kids’ ability to clean up afterwards (Kinetic Sand, Silly Putty, any glitter, slime, non-washable art supply).
  3. Avoid toys that require significant parental involvement, complex assembly, preparation, or guidance. (Aqua Beads, Baby Alive, Food Making Toys)

And here is the list of my favorite toys worth the investment.

  1. LEGOS and the easy cleanup storage bag
  2. Magna Tiles
  3. Take Apart Cars
  4. Osmo
  5. Puzzles
  6. Washable Marker Set
  7. Play-Doh
  8. Wood beads jewelry set
  9. Dominoes
  10. Play Kitchen
  11. Melissa & Doug Wooden Blocks
  12. Hot Wheels Cars
  13. Zingo
  14. Taco cat goat cheese pizza Game
  15. Super Hero Costume Set
  16. Art Stencil Set

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