Mama is boring.

My kids don’t want to play with me. They think I am boring and that is totally okay. Do I neglect them? No. I feed them nutritious home cooked meals. I read with them. I keep them safe. But, when it comes to entertainment? NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. I see many moms who are very passionate about their baby and do all these amazing activities at home to entertain them. It’s great if you can keep up. But remember one thing: kids are insatiable little monsters. I remember my oldest, Jacqueline. Even when her vocabulary was limited to 20 words, she somehow knew multiple ways of saying “more”.

If you don’t have the energy to keep up or you don’t genuinely enjoy playing with toddlers (amazingly some do), be boring from day 1. It’s better for your sanity and your relationship with the kids. (Constant nagging leads to anger. Constant anger leads to yelling). Let your children explore the world on their own (within a safe environment) and let them find ways to entertain themselves. Doing so helps them grow and be more independent. We have rules at our home.

  1. Never say “I’m bored”.
  2. Get mama if you: are hurt, need help getting stuff to play, need to go potty, made trouble beyond your ability to clean up, or want to read a book (this is always a yes!).
  3. If you are hungry, go to the snack pantry. Eat as many snacks as you want from the snack pantry (these are my staples) as long as you had finished your plate from the last meal. If you didn’t finish the plate, no snack till the next meal.
  4. No means no. All nagging and crying are ignored (good advice to all men too).

My kids are very independent and play on their own all day. People ask me how I deal with 4 kids without going crazy? This is how.

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